Sales Rack Treasure

Beauties, let me be the first to tell you, FLORALS ARE MY THINGGGG (if you haven’t already noticed)! If I’m not sporting basics and sneakers, I am defiantly going for a classic floral look. It never fails, I always leave a store with at least a few floral pieces, that probably look alike. Haha. May that be a blouse or skirt, it always happens!

    This past weekend I visited my aunt and cousin in Houston, TX.  Of course, the first thing on our girls weekend agenda was to go SHOPPING. Who knew the Woodlands Mall had so many options!? We went to so many stores. We literally shopped ’till we dropped!

    Although…there was one store that we had not yet adventured through, Forever 21 *strong eye roll*.  I say “adventured” with so much attitude because, in my opinion, it’s literally a scavenger hunt to find just what you need. I mean sometimes I do get lucky and it’s an easy hunt, most times not so. In spite of what I thought, I agreed to go in and take a look. I am so glad I did because…

     I snagged that floral beauty above for $4.99….Yes, you read correctly, $4.99! I was so surprised. The original price was $15.90. Which was still a great deal but, I got an even better deal without even expecting it. I am a college student so, finding a bargain is always on my mind! Can we all just take a minute to appreciate that cute collar and beautiful peachy floral pattern!? Not to mention, the sheer fabric allows for such a lightweight and super comfortable blouse.


     I paired this bargain of a floral blouse with a simple A-line skirt (Forever 21), polka dot tights (Target), and black oxfords (DSW). I chose oxfords and pattern tights to add a little edge and flair to this style… I actually got the idea to pattern mix from my sister’s sister-in-law!  Shoutout, Becca Brown! By the way, I LOVE A-line skirts. They really cinch the waist for a more flattering look all around. Not to mention, gold jewelry is always a must in my wardrobe.

     Y’all I was in heaven…  Florals and a bargain, It couldn’t get much better than this!


Annalisa Moreno


Products mentioned:

Women’s Tights – Polka Dot 

Women’s Black Oxford Shoes

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