Hello 2017, Hello World

Let me start off by saying, 2016 was such a GREAT year for me! It was a year of growth, heartbreak, so much love, and even more happiness! In 2016, I learned who I wanted to be as a young woman in society. I learned that it is okay to want/do different things than your friends because, if they are real and true, they will always be by your side! (Thank you guys!) I learned that there is no greater love than the love I receive each day from our loving and faithful God. I learned to seek him in every walk and every season of life. In the good times and the bad, HE will ALWAYS have your back! I learned a lot about relationships, as well. I learned that some people enter your life for a season and others for a lifetime. I learned that if you are going to love and be loved, you must love yourself first. In 2016, I met so many amazing people. I met individuals who encouraged me, loved me, respected me, and still do. Those are some “for a lifetime” type of people. Haha.

Not all of 2016 was great, though. I allowed my fears to get in the way of my passions and wants! I had many rushes of motivation that overwhelmed my heart and soul because I had/have a passion for so many different things! I just did not know how to get started and how to leave my mark on this world.

Well, I will be the first to tell you, that is NOT happening in 2017! 2017 and I are already getting off on the right foot! I have had the idea of Stressed But Blessed for the longest time. I want to say about 3 years now… BUT I always allowed my fear and negativity get in the way of going after my goals. Not this time, though. I hope I am not the first to tell you this, but if you REALLY want something, PRAY about it. I promise you, you will find the answers to all your hopes, wants, and dreams in that one action.


Along with praying, plan out what you want this year to look like for yourself.  I promise you, the possibilities are endless and you can truly do ANYTHING your heart desires!  For 2017, I snagged this super cute cheetah print planner from Target. I mean, who wouldn’t want to take on the new year while also being stylish and fierce!?  Always write and speak your goals into existence. Another thing that fuels my motivation on a daily is, my family. I love to keep a little picture of a favorite memory in my planner to remind me that even on the toughest and most stressful days of life, I have a village of people behind me, who love and support me, always! Last but not least, I like to keep a journal in my backpack (while at school) or purse! I purchased this “Work Hard Dream Big” journal from a boutique in North Texas. I use it write down any ideas or thoughts that come to my mind throughout the day. I always want to make sure I keep them in a safe place!

Beauties,  I am so excited to share 2017 with you all!  This is going to be a year full of adventure, love, happiness, GRADUATION (Where did the time go!?), and just living a stressed but very blessed life…


Annalisa Moreno


Products Mentioned: Pocket Journal 

Leave a comment down below if you have any question or thoughts. I would love to hear from you all!