5 Tips to Surviving Spring 2017

I’m sure these are tips you have alllll heard before but, have you really put them into action!? I hadn’t but once I did… the results were simply amazing!


Tip #1: Set Goals

That sounds so simple…since I KNOW all of you already have them but, the question is, where are those goals? I know mine at one time were stored in the back of my mind or in a journal that was in my closet, in a box, that was covered by all the dresses I own! Seriously, that was not helpful to me, at allllllll.

Write down the goals you have for yourself, school, and work… and make sure they are somewhere you can view them each day! For example, I write sticky notes and place them allllll over my planner. Shoot, I even put them on my mirror where I do my makeup each morning. I am a firm believer that if you write them down, take notice of them each day, you will be able to hold yourself accountable to them! I strongly believe that seeing and speaking your goals is the first step to putting them into action. Soon enough they will become a reality…

Tip #2: Feed Your Passions 

Whatever you are passionate about, do something continuously that will fuel that aspect of your life! I know that life can get a little chaotic from time to time and we tend to put our talents and wants on the back burner. Honestly, I did that for sooooo long… I always told myself, “oh, tomorrow”. Well y’all, tomorrow never came!!  Until I took the initiative to make changes in my life and make time for the things that I love.  For me, my passions lie in so many different places. Yet, I still try to do things on a daily to remind me of what I love most… education, fashion, beauty, and Jesus!

So remember…make time for yourself and what you love to do!

Tip #3: Connect with Like-Minded People 

I strongly believe that we learn from the people around us! Don’t be afraid to connect with people in your classes, workplace, or even at your local craft store. Haha. I say this because a woman and I shared ideas about floral arrangements sometime last week. I learned a few tips from her that I did not know! A simple “Hi”, can go a very long way! Also, being around like minded individuals can really drive your motivation to help you reach your goals and stay focused.

Tip #4: Stay Active

I know that it can be hard to workout each day but, make sure to set aside some “you” time, to get out and get active. Allow yourself time that will help you destress from the day and get some fresh air! From a full on 3 mile run, to lifting in the gym, or even a 10-minute walk outside… every bit counts! Staying active truly is linked to creating a healthy mind, body, and soul… all of which will help you get through the stresses of this semester! For me, running is what keeps me sane and my stress levels down… Anyone looking for a running partner !? Hit me up! Haha. I stay active by making my morning or afternoon runs a priority and planning them out in my busy schedule.

Tip #5: Think Positive and Stop Stressing 

My mother tagged me in a video on facebook called “Stop Focusing On How Stressed You Are” and it was truly fitting for this tip! Beauties, you should definitely check it out!


 On a side note, Am I the only one freaking out that graduation is 123 day, 6 hours,  20 minutes, and 12 seconds away!? Haha.

Have a blessed week!


Annalisa Moreno