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     Happy Monday, Beauties! I hope everyone had a great, fun-filled, and relaxing weekend! I know, I did! I wanted to share with you all an outfit that really made me feel super comfortable, beautiful, and well, a little kick-ass, for a lack of better words. Haha.

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     First of all, I have a really weird fear of sandals… sooo weird, I know. I don’t know if it’s the idea of my feet being exposed (I promise I routinely get pedicures and take great care of them) or the fact that I just don’t like flat open-toe shoes. Anyone else feel my pain!? Don’t get me wrong, I love open-toe wedges! So, I seriously don’t know what the deal is. Haha.  I am without a doubt, working on it though because, I know I am missing out on alllll of the beautiful sandals out there.

    So, because of this fear, I LOVE LOVE LOVE wearing sneakers with dresses! I am not much of a jean type of gal, so I usually pull this sneaker and dress move, a lottt!


This past weekend, for a casual trip to the outdoor mall (The Domain), I paired this super cute floral (OF COURSE haha) Forever 21 dress with superstar Adidas sneakers and a simple black choker. Let me tell you, I was really feelin’ this outfit! Also, the print on this dress is to die for! I have seen some really unflattering floral patterns out there, but this one, I just loveeeeeee.

     In addition to the pattern, the length of this dress was perfect! I am only 5’0, so dresses tend to be a little longer than normal on me. Ohh and the neckline, is so versatile. This beautiful floral piece can be worn on or off the shoulders, depending on what you like best! Not to mention, wearing sneakers while shopping is such a great idea! I could walk around the outdoor mall, as comfotable as ever.


With this outfit, I did not wear a lot of jewlery because I was trying to “casual it up” with the sneakers. I did throw on a simple black choker just to add a little something to this look. Also, I wore gold studs because no one likes naked ears. Haha!

Of courseeeee, this dress could have been paired with some stylish flats, sandals with gold embelishments, or even wedges, BUT….I really wanted to add my OWN flare to this outfit, and sneaker usually do that for me. In my opinion, wear what makes YOU feel like a million bucks. Wear your style with confidence! At the end of the day, if you feel beautiful, that is what matters MOST!


Annalisa Moreno


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Floral Off-the-Shoulder Dress 

Adidas Superstar Sneakers 

 Black Choker