Valentine’s Day… Everyday!

Beauties, If you are a hopeless romantic, please stand up! Haha. I know that I am not the only hopeless romantic out there!


So what if I fantasize about the mushy gushy cheesy things I hope that my future Bae would do for me, one day!? A girl can dream right!?

To all my beautiful women out there reading… There 3 things that I know ALL of us would love to have done any day of the year, to make EVERYDAY feel like Valentine’s Day. To my men out there reading… take some notes! Women love this shiiii… Haha.


1. Dedicate a love song to your Queen 

When I think of songs being dedicated to significant others,  I think of the late night radio I heard as a kid when people would call in and say, “(insert name), you are the love of my life and the woman of my dreams” in a very dramatic way!!! Haha. EVERY woman wants to know what song makes her man think of her. So guys… you don’t have to call into your local radio station and give a shoutout, you just have to LET HER KNOW! Am I right, ladies!? I would love to know what song my man plays (although he may never admit it and if he does, kudos to him) when he is missing me or just simply thinking about me. The ideal time to play this song guys is when your lady is having a stressful day and needs a pick me up. Turn on that lovie tune and I guarantee that frown will turn upside down! I know it would work for me! Haha.

2.Write her a love letter

Who isn’t a sucker for a handwritten love letter! I definitely am!  Haha. I am definitely a words person and love to hear what I mean to my significant other. I know that this sounds so high school… because for me it was! Haha. My bae, wayyyyy back in the day, would leave me love letters on my desk, for me to open during 5th period because he had the class before me. SOOOO cheesy but man, I LOVED that stuff! I sure we allll do! So guys… write your woman a letter and let her know how much you appreciate her on Valentine’s Day and every day of the week! She will absolutely appreciate the time you spent putting your feelings down on paper. Queens, do the same for your man! I promise he will cherish that thing forever. If you want to take it a step further (this makes my heart melt) put that letter somewhere where she will find it and open it unexpectedly. Maybe place it where she does her makeup each morning or even in her backpack, so she finds it while getting her books out. Definitely, will make an 8 am on Valentine’s Day or any day THAT much better! Haha.

3.Always adventure together

Couples, get in the car and go for a drive! Explore!  Play your favorite tunes, roll the windows down, and hit the open road. You never know what delicious hole in the wall restaurant you might find. Haha. Those are always the best! You don’t have to go far but it’s always nice and relaxing to take some time to enjoy this beautiful life we live, and doing that together is even better.


You can say I am a dreamer… SO WHAT!? Are these 3 hopelessly romantic actions superficial… some may think so BUT I don’t! Love is all around us and if you care about someone let them know!

Have a Happy Love Day, Beauties!


Annalisa Moreno


Necklace: Kendra Scott Zuly Long Rose Gold

Lipstick: Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lip – Mother