April Favorites: Must Have Mascaras

Beauties, I am putting a little twist on my usual monthly favorites post and sharing with you, my 4 favorite must have mascaras. Time and time again, I am asked if I get my lashes done. Well, the answer is No! I have nothing against it… I would actually like to try it some day BUT, ya girl is on a budget. Sooo… I make do with some GREAT mascaras! Haha.

I will be testing out my favorite mascaras so you,  beauties can see how well they work for me. Let’s get into the lash length and volume goodness, shall we!?

Before I add any mascara, let’s just take notice of how NON-EXISTENT  my eyelashes are! Haha. By no means are they long at all! They are full but, lack length.

Before 2Before 1

My first favorite is the  Maybelline Volum’ Express The Colossal Big Shot Mascara.


As mentioned before in my February Beauty Favorites post, I loveeeee this mascara! It is less than $9 at your local drugstore and it is like mascara crack! Haha. It truly adds volume and length from the root to tip of each eyelash. Not to mention, the applicator separates each eyelash, so clumps are not a worry.

Big Shot 1Big Shot

Just check out that volume and length that  Maybelline Volum’ Express The Colossal Big Shot Mascara adds! Pictured on the right above 🙂

My second favorite is, Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara.


In my opinion, it works similar to the Colossal Big Shot mascara but has a little more added value! Ready for this y’all…

Big shot vs Better than sex 1

In my opinion, Better Than Sex mascara (pictured on the left) allows for more volume and a more dramatic look. Which I just love!!

Maybelline Volum’ Express The Colossal Big Shot Mascara pictured on the right, below. Big Shot compare

 Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara pictured below on the left. Better than sex compare

Slight difference in volume and definition! So if you don’t want to spend $23 on mascara you can find a similar effect in a drug store product! I personally keep both on hand, just because I love them so much!

Now for the lower lashes… As you can see, those are NON-EXISTENT as well. Haha.

IMG_4663 (1)

I am a big fan of length on the bottom! Sometimes I like volume, depending on where I am going and how I want my overall face to look. One way I determine if a mascara is going to work well for my lower lashes is by its applicator. I find that applicators with short bristles work sooooo well for me and allow for an even application!

For my lower lashes, I like to use Volum’ Express The Falsies Push Up Drama mascara.


The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara pictured below on the right.

IMG_4679 (1).jpg

Love, love, love the length it adds! The short bristles on the applicator are also a major plus! Who doesn’t love lower lash definition!? I certainly do! I will say the only downfall is the size of the applicator because this…

Push up flaw.jpgTends to happen more often than not. Haha. But hey, for the price… It works well!

On the other hand, when I want a little more volume and definition… I like to use, Julep Length Matters Buildable Lengthening Mascara.


Julep Length Matters Buildable Lengthening Mascara pictured below on the left.

J lower

In my opinion, the Julep Length Matters Buildable Lengthening Mascara does not add a lot of length for me. Although, it does add that extra definition and lift I look for. This mascara has by far my favorite applicator! Its tapered micro-bristle allow for the perfect amount of mascara to be added to each lash! So NO CLUMPS! Yessss! Lower compare

 Julep Length Matters Buildable Lengthening Mascara (left) Vs. The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara (right)

So Beauties, I hope you have enjoyed this months beauty favorites featuring my FAVORITE mascaras! What is your favorite mascara? Please let me know… ❤

Shop My Mascara Favorites


Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara $23.00


Volum’ Express The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara $9.49


Julep Length Matters Buildable Lengthening Mascara $20.00


Volum’ Express The Colossal Big Shot Mascara $8.49


Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara $24.00


Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara $8.99

3 thoughts on “April Favorites: Must Have Mascaras

  1. Sophisticated Fashionista says:

    I don’t know what you’re talking about, I think do have good lashes Anna!

    The Maybelline, Too Faced and Benefit are my favorite mascaras. They totally give volume and length. Have you tried the waterproof Better than Sex?

    Iliana | http://www.sophisticatedfashionista.com

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