Life Update: I have NO clue what I am doing

I’m about to keep it soooo real with you all! Forgive me now if all of this sounds like a huge rant or doesn’t make any sense, but it’s me just simply keeping y’all in my loop! Haha. This life update has been long overdue. I am a tad private about the private aspects of my life such as employment, love life, or any post grad topics at that.  Let’s be real… it’s not fun admitting you don’t always have it all together.

 Problem numero uno for me!! I struggle with taking my own advice and realizing that it’s A-O K A Y to not have life all figured out. Yes, some of my classmates have full-time jobs lined up for the fall, some are going to graduate school (another issue for me in itself), and some are traveling the world. Meanwhile… I am just trying to decide if I should wear yoga pants or actually put “people clothes”  on today. Haha. Just kidding, but you catch my drift! I guess you can say… my path right now is a little unclear.

As Always, I must/we must remember that each one of us is so unique! Some people “find their path” sooner than others. Meanwhile… through all this searching, I have learned that God will use this season of your life to teach, grow, and inspire you for greatness. Just be patient and have FAITH.

Back to my life update….

I recently won Best Gourmet Ice Cream at the 22nd Annual Killis Melton’s Ice Cream Crank-Off in my hometown. Oh y’all… it was an experience, to say the least. Not only do I LOVE ice cream more than any other sweet on this earth, I was able to make my very own and WIN an award! Haha. I made a Jeni’s inspired ice cream. I named it “Strawberry Kiss” since it was strawberry flavored with shaved Hershey Kisses. It was definitely a mix of Valentine’s Day and loveeeee. I will be sharing my ice cream recipe with you all, very soon!

Shout out to my family for being so real and taking part in this event! It was such a blast to do it together. I think we made a total of 8+ gallons of ice cream this past weekend and ate like 2 gallons ourselves! Haha.


In other news, as you all know… I was accepted into The Ohio State University Consumer Sciences Graduate program to study fashion and retail starting Fall 2017. When I found out, I was overjoyed with happiness. I had been waiting for this acceptance and I had worked extremely hard to get in. With time though and the changing seasons of life, I became so UNSURE about attending… and to be honest I still am.

In all honesty, I am scared to be in a whole different state away from my immediate family. I am scared that I might FAIL at grad school. I am scared of the snow! Haha. I am from South Texas ya’ll, it doesn’t snow here! I wouldn’t know how to function. I am simply just scared of the change.

Don’t let that take away from all the positive that could come of this move though… A master’s degree at the age of 23, learning the business, new friendships, and a chance to grow as an individual. Nevertheless, this part of my life is still up in the air and in God’s hands. To go to grad school this fall or to not go to grad school… is the question!


Speaking of Ohio… I will be traveling to Columbus this upcoming week for a little mini-vacation! I am going to spend the week visiting friends and family ❤ Sooooo excited!!

Okay Beauties, let’s talk about JOBS! I am an options person… I like to have as many options as possible before I make the “right” decision. With being so unsure about grad school, I thought to myself… “Let me apply for a few jobs and internships! You never know what might be out there!”

Well, Let’s just say, God was truly looking out when I was blessed with this wonderful opportunity…

Icona Lash

I was recently appointed the position of Beauty Stylist at Icona Lashes! Talk about BLESSED! ❤ I will be your go-to Beauty Stylist for all lash tips and tricks at Icona Lashes. Beauty and inspiring others have always been a passion of mine, hence why I started this blog. So, it is truly a blessing to take my hobby/passion with me into the beauty industry.

Make sure to follow my Instagram for more updates about my new position! I can’t wait to share this journey with you all!

Well, that is one aspect of my life that is “together”! Haha.

I wouldn’t have come across this opportunity without out my wonderful ATX Tribe. ❤ I have been insanely blessed with a wonderful group of women here in Austin, who not only encourage me for the better but also lift me up when needed. Nevertheless, these lovely ladies are the true definition of empowering and genuine individuals. From bloggers to entrepreneurs… They are heaven sent!! Thank you for being, you!


I guess the moral of this post is to tell you all… I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I AM DOING, yet! There has been a lot of good and a lot that is still so uncertain.  I am taking life day by day and embracing all the blessings that God has given me thus far. Yes, my anxiety levels about the future have been at an allll time high. I won’t lie to you… after graduation, I fell into a rut/depression. I felt such a heavy weight on my shoulders to figure life out. With the help of my family and friends… I am figuring it out little by little. If you did or still feel the way I did… stop, take a deep breath, remember where you started, and take into account how far you have come. That is something I think about almost every day as I figure out life post-graduation.



Annalisa Moreno