Life Update: 10 Things I’ve Learned


It’s been a minute, Beauties. Oh, how I have missed you all. From graduation to heartbreak, to starting a new job and life… You can say I took a mini vacation from Stressed But Blessed and focused on myself for a bit. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I didn’t hide under a rock, but I have expressed a lot of feelings towards many events that have happened in my life. You can say life has been CRAZY…

I have cried (a lot), laughed (even more), and felt so much love (more than I could have asked for) over the past four months. From losing what I thought I wanted in life to gaining a new-found hope and strength, I have learned so much! So here you have it loves, 10 things I’ve learned about life post-graduation, heartbreak, and starting a new job…

1.Werk, Werk, Werk 

Spending 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week in an office sounds so, HORRIBLE!!! Although, I got lucky! I am in the middle of my third month at Trunk Club Dallas and it has been a great experience. From working with and meeting amazing people, having tons of fun on the job (happy hour at work, yass!), and getting to style others, I really couldn’t have asked for a better first “real” job. Haha. Shout out to my TC peeps for making work fun! 🙂

Also, being the Beauty Stylist at Icona Lashes has been a dream come true! I love that I get to share my love for beauty and lashes with the world. You can say…I have been blessed! ❤ Shout out to Tippy Wyatt for being an awesome boss and mentor through this whole experience! You are so appreciated!

2. Time is precious 

Being a working woman has been such a huge adjustment. To be honest, I miss the days where all I had to do was wake up, go to class, and pick up an occasional shift at the Athletic Department. When I was in college, it was so easy to get up and go on the weekends to visit family and friends all over the state. Now with work, I have learned that time is precious and I have to make the most out of my free time. The biggest adjustment has been, not being able to take part in all the fun things going on with family and friends because I have been “tied down” to my job here in Dallas. Which definitely is not the case, it has been a matter of learning to plan ahead and make the time when needed.

3. Heartbreak hurts, just not forever

This is a given! Having your heart broken HURTS… real real bad. Let me be the first and never the last to say, it does not last forever. I promise! I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t (sometimes still do) replay what went wrong in my last relationship. Relationships take two. Two people choosing to love and fight for one another. I have learned that people change, life changes, and so do feelings. You have to have faith in that, “what is meant for you, will never miss you, and what misses you, was never meant for you”. As this whole experience still stings, I have faith in God’s plan for that aspect of my life. ❤ Which leads me to…

4. Thank the man who broke you 

I know you are thinking to yourself, “WHYYYY?” Well, just as I said, thank the man who broke you.  I thank him for all the wonderful moments we had. I thank him for at one point making me feel like the only woman in this world, for listening to my dreams and deepest fears, for always putting God first, and for being the first genuine “love” relationship in my life. I also thank him for, letting me go. It was a season of happiness but also a season of lessons. Thank you… for the highest of the highs and lowest of the lows. I have so much more faith in what God has in store for both of us, apart.

5. Pray, always…

Even when you are down and out about life, money, family, friends, etc… PRAY! Even when you are frustrated with God, Pray! In the past four months, I can’t even count how many times I screamed and cried because I didn’t want to pray or I was frustrated because I didn’t understand His doings. I have learned, He will close doors that are meant to be closed in order to save you from something that could have been a disaster. Have faith in His unfailing love and plan for your life.

6. Family is everything 

My family is my life, y’all! They are the definition of crazy, hilarious, and supportive. I may not see them as much as I would like, but let me just say, our group message and texts keep me laughing every day and feeling so loved. I am truly blessed to have a family who is so full of life, always!

7. Listen to your body 

NEVER neglect your body. With work and having a different schedule week to week, I put my fitness goals and diet on the back burner. Yes, I was eating healthy, but not as healthy as I should. Nor was I getting in the gym as often. Ultimately, that took a huge toll on my emotions, stress level, and happiness. Lesson learned! I am now back on track and feeling better than ever! 🙂

8. Having anxiety does not define you 

I have touched on this subject before, but never on the extent of how much it has impacted my life. So here it goes… I suffer from severe anxiety. This isn’t a “feel sorry for me” moment! This is a, “if you feel worried constantly to the point that it hinders your day to day life”, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I feel like I mask it most of the time, but those who are close to me definitely know my pain. I blame it on life events, a chemical imbalance in my brain, and genetics. I have had to learn that anxiety will never define me, nor will I let it run my life as I have in the past. When it gets to be unbearable, it’s important to exercise (even when you don’t want to), talk with someone (even when you don’t want to unpack your fears), but most importantly, to stay close to God, always! My faith has truly pulled me out of my darkest days. ❤

9. Managing money is hard 

Oooo my bank account hurts! I just paid rent and man… it’s a good feeling knowing you can support yourself but it’s so hard letting go of that money you worked hard for. :/ Haha. I have learned that managing my bills is hard but doable. Prioritizing is key to keeping money in the bank! 😉

10. When in doubt, Netflix and Hulu is out

Aside from running, Netflix and Hulu are my other favorite pastimes. Haha. My current obsessions are:

Nashville– If you watch, message me and let’s talk about the craziness!!!

Army Wives– I watch re-runs for life

One Tree Hill– GOALSSSSS

The Voice– I get chills with every singer. ADDICTED.

This Is Us – Don’t get me started


The list could go on forever…. 🙂

There you have it loves, the raw, life lessons I have learned over the past few months. ❤ Thoughts, similarities, questions? I want to hear from you! Comment below.