An Introduction To My Story

I am so happy to announce that Made With Love, AM is now open on Etsy and taking custom orders! ❤ With that, it’s only right that I tell y’all the story behind it all. My story is several blog posts in the making but for now, here is a little introduction. Hope you enjoy!

Let me tell you a story about a young woman… She was 20, excelling in academics, but dying emotionally. She dealt with rejection, low self-esteem, abuse, a broken heart, and so much more. She felt that she would never be worthy or enough for any type of real love. She got to a point where she contemplated if she could keep going past all the hurt and doubt she was feeling.

That girl was me.

When I first started spending time with God, I wrote to Him in the form of letters. Writing was the only thing I knew how to do. I just knew, I needed something more. Something more to hold on to than what I had. So, I picked up a journal and started pouring my hurts and feelings out to the Lord. It was the best decision I could have made for my broken self at the time. It was that small ounce of hope that I needed. Little did I know, it would be an out pour of endless love.

Did I need to be perfect to come to Him? No. Did I think I needed to be? Yes! The truth is, God just wants to know us. He wants all of your heart so, you don’t have to face this world alone.

I’m telling you, there is such an amazing feeling knowing you can tell God everything. He will always love you past your shame and doubt.

I always thought, because I made some bad choices in my past, I was unworthy of His love. That’s a lie of the enemy! Nothing you can do or say will ever make God stop loving you.

My mission is to help others who once felt as broken and unworthy, as I did, come to know wholeheartedly the love God has for us all.

Just as I sculpt each piece by hand, taking it from a solid chunk of lifeless clay to a beautiful creation, God did the same with me. I was once this lifeless young woman, but with God’s hands over my life, His unfailing love, and grace, I’ve been sculpted into His perfect creation.

Therefore, “Made With Love, AM” is for the girl who thinks God can’t love her past her shame. Is for the girl who is pursuing her walk with the Lord, wholeheartedly. Is for the girl who doesn’t believe she’s enough. Is for the girl who is walking through victory after victory. Is for the girl who doesn’t see her true beauty. Is for the girl who has experienced heartbreak and hurt. Truth is, “Made With Love, AM” is for ALL of us. This world is a tough place and I once thought I had to walk it alone. I’m here to tell you, you don’t. We run this race together!

With love, AM



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